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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Victoria's Secret coconut passion Fragrance mist

This was a bit of an unexpected love for me as I'm not too interested in Victoria's secrets as a brand and because I haven't used a body mist since secondary school which, for those of you that are interested  interested was 12 years ago. I always thought mists were a bit dated anyway, a few months back my local PAKS (hair and beauty shop) started to stock these VS mists I decided to give into the hype. I think I was in one of my "I need to buy something stat!" moods and just randomly picked up this scent on the basis that I love coconut and vanilla. I'm so glad that I did as it smells amazing and lasts a surprisingly long time.  This pretty much smells as its supposed to (coconut and vanilla) I'm not great at describing smells! I have had a lot of people complement me when I'm wearing this which is always nice. This would be ideal for a holiday instead of using perfume.

I paid around £7 for this, I have seen it on Amazon for the same price (£5 for p&p!), ebay (various prices)  pretty sure these will be available in VS shops. There are also perfumes  and body lotions available with this scent that I will be trying out!!!

Be warned not all fragrances are nice. I had the misfortune of picking up the Apple blossom and ylang ylang mist. Definetly not a mist have (ha.sorry)

What do you think of VS body mists?

                      Monday's Child


  1. I've asked for a few of these in my international swap. My friend used to use them all of the time and they smelt really lovely.

    Can't wait to get my hands on some! Are these the full size or travel sized ones?

    Lola ..x

  2. These were full size, didnt know you could get travel sized ones have been contemplating putting this in my Travalo!

    They are really lovely. Can't wait to buy some more & see which ones you get!!!


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