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Friday, 17 August 2012

Treasure Hunting #1 : Benefit Dallas

I love those shopping the stash posts on blogs who doesn't like finding an old favourite or a product we were considering buying and didn't even remember we had? Dallas is one of these and in this micro summer I have used this EVERYDAY (no exaggeration). This is like a blusher/bronzer hybrid that gives skin such luminosity which comes from the finely milled shimmer in it, don't be alarmed you will not come away looking like a Christmas tree! I think my skin looks so glowing and healthy when I put it on. I find that bronzers look too muddy and unatural on my skin so this is a great alternative. I fond this looks good with or without a tan and is very buildable. Benefit describe it as "plum" it looks dusky pink to me but whatever! I usually pair this with Moonbeam (highlighter) for a bit of an extra boost or if its daytime my MAC strobe cream is enough. As with all Benefit Blushers/bronzers we ditch the brush...which lets be honest is pretty crappy unfortunately Benefit have quite cottoned on to this yet..they'll get it eventually. Apart from the brush the two other cons for me are the price as with Benefit is a bit high, yes the packaging is cute but not enough to warrant that price..that aside I overlook this. The second con is hitting pan!!!

You can find Benefit Dallas at your local Benefit counter priced at £24.50  for 12 grams.

Do you wear Dallas? What do you think?


  1. It's always nice to rediscover a product we have been neglecting isn't it? I've never tried any benefit blushes or bronzes because of the price, I'm afraid my little student purse just can't stretch that far! ;( xo

  2. Yes its like christmas! I know what you mean they are terribly overpriced I have managed to buy a lot of mine on Ebay. if you get a chance I would urge you to try this one as its so good, I always come back to it x


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