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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Clarins Eau des jardins

This was a love affair that almost never was...

I received this as part of a gift set for Christmas that was never opened and remained in my office draw for 6 months. Sacrilege, I hear you cry but I have good reason. Clarins has always been a brand that has confused me. None of the products have ever really appealed to me. One of the brands most popular products (Flash beauty balm) really goes over my head so I honestly could never have imagined. I finally dusted this off and realised perfume was involved. A quick spray of this and I was hooked. To me this was like summer in a bottle.

The product is described as a treatment spray which incorporates
essential oils such as wild rose, beech and plant extracts of blackcurrant buds and sorbier (a French fruit). The result to me is a very zesty, slightly fruity smell. This is  supposed to relax, refresh and moisturise the skin. I can't really vouch for any moisturisation claims as my skin doesn't feel any more moisturised then usual but I don't feel really refreshed and strangely relaxed which is an effect I've never felt from a fragrance. In terms of lasting power this is similar to that of Eau d'toilette so doesn't last all day but for a few hours.

When I eventually got this home I  did a little research and found some other treatment sprays including Eau Dynamisante  which I have seen on many occasions and tested. Coincidently its also celebrating its 25th year! I also came across two other fragrances Eau Ressourçante and Sunshine fragrance which is an online exclusive but is not currently available.

Eau des jardins retails at £29.00 for 100ml (loads!) You can purchase it from Clarins beauty counters and the Clarins website.

What do you think of treatment sprays?

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