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Friday, 3 August 2012

Broadway Impress Nails (French Manicure)


I'm not a huge fan of false nails for a few reasons:
a) Because of the damage they do 
b) I'm constantly changing my nail colour
c) Most importantly, I'm too lazy to get them filled in.

That said there are certain occasions they are acceptable. I purchased these for a friends wedding and was very impressed. These are basically stick on nails, not the kind you would give to your 3 year old sister to play around with , no these are for big girls. They come in a nail polish shaped bottle which is pretty sweet (sucker for packaging). Each nail comes with an adhesive tab which you remove and then apply to your own nail. The whole process is pretty idiot proof, I applied them in my car in under 15 mins.
 A couple of points to remember:
1) Match these to your nails properly before application! I had a slight mishap here.
2) Make sure you push the nail into your cuticle so you can't see any joins.
3) If you have long nails then I wouldn't get these or be prepared to cut yours down as they are in false nail vocab Active.
I removed mine on the same night I applied them but, a friend had hers on for a full week and they were still going strong when she removed them. Obviously, if you are doing manual labour then these are not your friend. I noticed some felt loose but I still had to apply considerable force to get them off. To remove them you just pull them off from one of the sides. I doubt you'd be able to use these again. My nails looked and felt perfectly normal afterwards, no dents, residue etc.
I purchased mine from Superdrug for £7.99 but they are also available from Boots in a variety of designs and colours.

Would you wear these? What do you think of this brand?
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