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Monday, 1 July 2013

Honey I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Just a quick message to explain my absence.

I haven't been posting as I have been working on my dissertation and trying to complete the final year of my degree. I am now finished (thank God). Despite not having the time to post I have managed to accrue a vast number of makeup and skincare items. If you follow me on my new instagram account. I have a huge list of things to get through so bare with me as I will be reviewing and posting as much as is physically possible.

Thanks for putting up with the sporadic posting and heres to more time on my hands!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Effaclar K & Duo

Happy Valentines! What better way to celebrate a day dedicated to Love than to listen to a singleton harp on about one of the loves of her life??????

The La Roche Posay  Effaclar range hype (Duo in paticular) is a perfect example of the power of blogging as it seems to be suddenly garnering a hell of a lot of attention. I can't say I am surprised as I am a fan. I have been using both the Duo and K for about 10 months and am pleasantly impressed by the results. I hadn't used this brand before or heard anything them and  just assumed that being French they'd work. This was on the basis that French people know their skincare and cheeses - who doesn't like Brie?.  I typically suffer from clogged pores, which are those spots with no head (tmi I know). I tend to get these on my chin and along my forehead. To be fair they tend to appear when I use a Mac foundation or am a bit careless with my skincare regime. As they say prevention is better than cure and this combination really keep those blighters at bay.

Duo: This is supposed to "reduce the apperance of imperfections. Unclogs sebum blocked pores".This has a gel like texture. I tend to apply this in the morning, on a clean face. I usually apply this on the areas I am most prone to bad skin. As I have probably mentioned I have VERY dry skin but this has not dried it out anymore. Its very typical with spot creams to experience flaking but I haven't experienced this. I have worn this under make up and haven't experience any pilling or adverse affects on my make up.

K: This is supposed to renew the skin cells. I love anythig that claims to renew skin cells so this was a winner for me from the start. I use this at night, after cleansing. Packaging on this is pretty dodgy, product oozes out without you touching it!

A word of warning, if you have sensitive skin or any kind of cuts, broken skin etc and a low pain threshold I would probably not advise you use these. There have been a few occasions where I didn't even know I had any kind of irritation to my skin, applied this and it hurt like a mutha! I am also one of those people who likes skincare to tingle or else I don't feel like its working. A bit sado-machistoc there but ho hum.

These are two great products, so in this case believe the hype! I purchased these from Boots

Have you used anything from the Effaclar range?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mavala Double Lash: Part One

As you know I am a bit of an eyelash fanatic and I am in the process of procuring the perfect mascara. I wasn't, unfortunately  blessed with particularly great lashes. My lashes are pretty straight and not very long & are annoying uneven with some unwelcome spaces. I also have pretty sparse, slow growing brows. I know some women would love to not have to tend to their brows every couple of weeks but that would be my dream. I can easily go for a month. I plan to trial Mavala on both my eyelashes and eyebrows. I aim to update every week for the next 30 days which is how long Mavala claims it will take to see some changes.

The claims:
"For longer, denser, stronger lashes" 

I am expecting alot from this product as it has been around since 1967 so it would seem I am in good hands. 

Lets just remind ourselves what I am working with:

  Not very impressive....

My first application will be tonight & I will update in a week. Wish me luck!!

Have you tried Double Lash? Would you?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shopping the stash: Nars Sin

 Nars is one of my favourite brands for cheek products. I bought Sin on a whim with Madly. I would describe this shade as a mauve or plum colour with a light golden shimmer throughout. It reminded me a bit of Benefit Dallas.On first inspection it looks quite matte and fairly dark.

The colour definitely picks up the cheeks and looks amazing. Its such a soft, sophisticated colour and the shimmer adds a nice depth to the shade.This is a very pigmented blush so I advise you to build up the colour if you want to avoid looking like you've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. I apply this with an angled blusher brush, very sparingly. Of course if you were using this for an evening look you could be a bit more heavy handed. I am not a huge fan of powder blushes as I have dry skin and I find them to be so 1 dimensional but the added subtle shimmer makes this ideal for my skin type. Another fantastic shade from Nars, I can tell why this is a Nars bestseller.

What do you think of Sin?What's your favourite Nars blusher?

Obsessed (Mariah Opi Mini Set)

 I seem to be gathering quite a collection of these Opi minis and I have been waiting for the release of this one for a while. I am and have never been a fan of Mariah,don't get me wrong I like a few of her songs but I am by no means a fangirl (ugh).

 I don't really know what to make of her to be honest but if she really had anything to do with this collection then I could see myself becoming a fan.When I intially saw the colours I didn't really associate them with with Mariah. I expected Pinks, Purples and where are the butterflies and rainbows?. As for Liquid Sand? its basically matte glitter which doesn't sound as exciting. I love the choice of colours, with these sets there is usually at least one dud shade or a bottle of Opi rapid dry that is not appreciated.

From L-R

Stay the Night (Matte black with red glitter)3.75ml

The Impossible (Matte Fuschia)3.75ml

Can't Let Go (Matte Purple)3.75ml

 Get your Number (Matte Blue) 3.75ml

I have had a look at the rest of the collection and have my eye on A Butterfly Moment, Pink yet Lavender & Sprung. I may or may not have already purcahsed these!

I purchased my set from Ebay. The seller is linked here

What do you think of this collection? What is your favourite shade?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Favourite Products of 2012 (15 days late...)


Happy New Year!! 

This post has taken me ages to do not just because there were so many products but because Blogger lost my first attempt(not cool). That aside this 2012 has signalled a move back to high street make up which was a big step for me and an introduction to French pharmacies. I have been very strict with this list and have managed to get it down to products that I have been using pretty much everyday. I have included a mixture of make up, skincare and nail care products. Enjoy!!

Simple Moisture Boost

I never really got to grips with the whole facial sprays especially the Claudalie hype. For a long time I couldnt even understand what I was supposed to be doing with the stuff. The only time I ever spray my face is on the beach. That aside, I trialled a few but this was the one that had me repurcahsing. I am not really a Simple user (my mum swears by the stuff) I like bells and whistles and I'm afraind to say fragrance with my skincare. This is a great little spray. It releases a fine mist and doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. I find this a God send in winter and tend to spray it on twice (I let the first lot sink in and then re apply) and follow with my moisturiser. You don't get as much product as with other brands but this is decidedly cheaper and much more readily avaliable.  

Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream
I did a review on this recently so won't babble on too much but this is just a great moisturiser. Its light, moisturising and smells gorgeous. Buy it!!!! Review here

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 53

 It was going to be a cold day in hell before I gave up high end foundations but after years of being let down and despairing at having another break out from another Mac foundation I was on the prowl. This foundation had great reviews and was on a 3 for 2 so was rude not to really. I have found this a God send for a start it matches my skin perfectly which many high street brands and high end had failed to do. I find this is light but buildable; had great staying power 8+ hours on my dry skin, doesn't transfer a much as other brands and gives a nice semi-matte finish which I think is very natural. Of all of Bourjois recent foundation offering this is by far the best. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer I know it could be considered lazy to use a concealer from the same brand as your foundation but this is a real winner.I'm a bit of a concealer nut and did not expect to fall in love with a high street concealer. I find some concealers are better for certain tasks, this is great for concealing any blemishes and/or scars. This typically lasts me the whole day and doesn't crease or dry out like some. I am very fond if the liquid to almost powder finish I am left with.

Models own in "Hedonist"

I had never used Models Own up until 2012 but thanks to some great deals by Boots I have well and truly stockled up. This is probably my go to colour of all I have purchased. I pretty much wore this all summer. I like that it dries matte, if i need a bit of shine I layer with a topcoat of Seche Vite. I find I get about 5 days wear out of this which is pretty good. Just writing about this makes me want to put it on. 

Seche Vite C/O
 I was never really bothered painting my nails properly until I got this as I could never get the drying part right. Nail dryers, sprays, hairdryer (the shame) all failed me. I still however, managed to aquire quite a collection of nail varnishes despite this and a number of top coats that claimed to be "quick drying". All paled in comaprison to this beauty. Review here (Cringe).


Sleek Brow Kit in Light (Excuse the state of it, it's well loved!)

I have dabbled in using eyshadow on my brows but never found the right match. This little kit does the job. I can't compare it to any of the high end versions as I haven't tried them but this definetly stumps the high street versions. With this kit you have one powder and one coloured wax. I bought the kit in light but I still think it is pretty dark so if you are blonde then I wouldn't recommend this. The product comes with two brushes which I didn't throw away for once (getting really good at this high street makeup lark). I tend to apply the wpoder first and then apply the wax (very sparingly) as it has a tendency to darken the brows further. I have tried to use pencils after this but really don't get the same effect.  

Body Shop Grapefruit Body Butter

I loved The Body shop as a child/teeneager but we fell out of love. Since I reintroduced myself to the brand it has changed so much . These body butters aren't new and have been around for ages! There has been an update of the range, since my BodyShop days and I love this Grapefruit body butter. I love the citrusy smell which is not too cloying and lasts most of the day. The texture of this butter is spot on, very often we are fobbed off with lotions packaged in tubs. This keeps my skin moisturised for the whole day, which is no mean feat with super dry skin. A must buy.  

Clarins Treatment Fragrance in "Eau des Jardins"
 I have reviewed this already but this had to be mentioned. I have had to force myself to ration this as I was becoming obsessed with it, spraying it at every chance I got. Surprisingly there is about a quarter left. Time for a top up me thnks. Review here

Clinique Chubby Sticks in Whole Lotta Honey & Whoppin Watermelon (I did try to find my other colours but Sod's law they could not be found!)

These never left my handbag over the summer, they are a dream! I am not really a lip product person, yes I will purchase them but it's very rare that I finish a whole lip product. What I loved most about the Chubby sticks is the practicality of them. One of the reasons I don't reapply lipsticks, glosses etc is because you need a mirror and a steady hand which are not always avaliable. This isn't the case here. I love the variety of colours and of course since their initial release Clinique have introduced Chubby Sticks Intense which are much more pigmented. If you want a moisturing, sheer lip colour for when you're on the go I would recommend these.

 I hope you have enjoyed perusing my fave products of 2012. I can't wait to see what 2013 has to offer!