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Monday, 20 February 2012

March Glossy Box

I know the web will be full of these but as they vary thought I'd put mine out there. I do love this box but wish then would scale down the (unescessary) packaging and used the money for better products. Mini rant out of the way..

I got:

Duwop Venom Lipgloss

Full size £16.00

Dr Bronner  Magic Liquid Soap

Full size £1.99

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny relaxing balm

Full size £15.25

BM Beauty

Pure mineral eyeshadow in platinum tiara

Full size £7.00

Como Shambala  invigorate body lotion

Full Size £20.00

I haven't tried these out yet as the box has literally arrived on my desk. Will take the time to try these out and let you know what I think. With the exception of Duwop and Paul Mitchell I'm not familiar with the other brands. I would have preferred something else instead of the eyeshadow as I'm not too into eyeshadows, especially dark ones but maybe this will turn me? Am glad to see no fragrance as I could just go to any counter and get these so its a bit of a kick in the teeth plus I find fragrance to be a very personal think. People are much more loyal to fragrances then they are to make up etc..

Also GB have included a little card about a mystery box. Have been asked to check from 24th February....????

On a side note am trying a blogging app on my phone so this is a bit of trial and error.  Its taken forever so forgive me if it looks terrible!!

Do you subscribe to GB ? What did you get?

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Sunday, 19 February 2012


I love music especially for my commute (any Londoner will know this is essential on public transport). I have an I Pod Touch but I struggle with using I Tunes, I find it complicated and long winded at times. I don't look for music regularly because I find there's always some update needed and music just ends up getting wiped. Anyway, have been hearing about this Spotify for a long time but was still trying to make I Tunes work for me. On a whim, decided to sign up for their 14 day trial and now am doing first month as a fully paid up member. I have to say I love this thing.

Its quick & easy to use which is great for a thicko like me and it has a wide range of music to suit all tastes.

You can make playlists, and share songs with friends. You can also access your account from a your desktop/laptop, Phone (via app - I know they support Android & Apple, not sure about Blackberry or Nokia), I Pod. This sold me as I love to be able to access things everywhere.

Content is updated all the time & I did a test which involved me typing in music I'm sure it wouldn't have and it found it. You can choose to have your playlists offline (means they will be accessible when you do not have Internet connection) and online (which is the opposite).

Spotify trial (14 days): Free
SpotifyUnlimited: £4.99
Spotify Premium: £9.99

I am now recommending this to all friends & family, I think its a reasonable price to pay for quality sounds.

Spotify pricing & Info

What do you think? Do you use spotify? Would you?

Android Love

Not a beauty post but one of my loves all the same. I thought I'd just profess my love for my Samsung Galaxy S2. I've had it for a few months but it is probably the best phone I have owned. I know this is not a new phone but I don't think it gets enough recognition forever in the shadow of the  I Phone & Blackberry (ugh!). Its super fast, has a massive screen which I think is perfect and a fair bit of memory (16GB I believe), Nice camera (8MP). It has that a "back button" (Why would a phone not have one????) and there's lots of cool little things like being able to connect phone to laptop/computer wirelessly (Kies air)it can do & probably a load of stuff I haven't even worked out. It uses Android market which doesn't have some apps that the Apple store has...but they're very quick to release things on Android and I always find when they do the apps are alot more functional than those from the Apple store (not Apple bashing).The only downside is the battery but this is the same with all smart phones So, to conclude I am just showing some love for my Troll Phone (Forever alone)

Thanks for indulging me:)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt Spf 15

This has been my foundation since 2009. I love this but have found that the colours just don't match me anymore and I'm too lazy to mix them up but it is fantastic and I'm sure I'll use it when I am a bit less paler.

"A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant."

I love the texture and coverage of this foundation. Its a gel and a little goes a long way. It has a slightly dewy finish. Coverage can be built up and I find it doesn't transfer very easily. I set it with some MAC finishing MAC prep & prime finishing powder  and it lasts all day (well over 8 hours at least) on my combination/dry skin.This can be worn over moisturisers and primers without that annoying pilling effect you can get.I also have large pores and it doesn't expose them!!

This works best for me when I moisturise, apply with my Real Techniques buffing brush and then set with MAC Prep & Prime finishing powder.

Price wise I think this is a bit expensive at £23 (!) For 40ml but it lasts me about 6 months (I don't use foundation everyday probably 4-5 days a week). Of course this will vary person to person. Packaging is really good, I hate the glass bottles and the fact you have to buy a pump (at extra cost). This comes in a squeezy, plastic bottle and its so very easy to control how much you want...of course the downside is if you squeeze too much out you can't put it back.

Available from MAC £23.00 for 40ml (23 shades available)

Do you use Studio Sculpt? Would you use Studio Sculpt?

Tangle Teezer

Not exactly a new product now but I still meet people that have never heard of it, personally I can't go anywhere without it. Before I had this I would spend hours pretty much ripping hair from my head. I am surprised that I have any left and upset that I didn't have this in my teenage years..might have more hair!!

This is a fantastic little detangling brush. I first came across it about 3 years ago. I have thick hair that is curly when wet. The TT is great for conditioning as I just brush through my conditioner or treatment and theres no mess or me ending up with half the conditioner on my detangling comb. I also use this on dry hair, It makes a great styler and is perfect for just coming out tangles throughout the day.

Tangle Teezer
The TT is quite comfortable to hold and is made up of short, flexible bristles. They are gentle enough for children. I use mine on my son and have a friend who uses here's on her 3 year old. With regards to how long they last...I would say 18 months - 2 years. I would have put a picture of mine up but it is very battered and slightly discoloured & so will be going to TT heaven. I am thrilled as it means I can get a nice new glittery one (the magpie that I am). They come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. I buy mine from Boots where they retail at £10.99 I know they can be purchased from Amazon and may be slightly cheaper.

No head should be without one!!!

Do you have a Tangle Teezer?