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Sunday, 19 February 2012


I love music especially for my commute (any Londoner will know this is essential on public transport). I have an I Pod Touch but I struggle with using I Tunes, I find it complicated and long winded at times. I don't look for music regularly because I find there's always some update needed and music just ends up getting wiped. Anyway, have been hearing about this Spotify for a long time but was still trying to make I Tunes work for me. On a whim, decided to sign up for their 14 day trial and now am doing first month as a fully paid up member. I have to say I love this thing.

Its quick & easy to use which is great for a thicko like me and it has a wide range of music to suit all tastes.

You can make playlists, and share songs with friends. You can also access your account from a your desktop/laptop, Phone (via app - I know they support Android & Apple, not sure about Blackberry or Nokia), I Pod. This sold me as I love to be able to access things everywhere.

Content is updated all the time & I did a test which involved me typing in music I'm sure it wouldn't have and it found it. You can choose to have your playlists offline (means they will be accessible when you do not have Internet connection) and online (which is the opposite).

Spotify trial (14 days): Free
SpotifyUnlimited: £4.99
Spotify Premium: £9.99

I am now recommending this to all friends & family, I think its a reasonable price to pay for quality sounds.

Spotify pricing & Info

What do you think? Do you use spotify? Would you?

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