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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Android Love

Not a beauty post but one of my loves all the same. I thought I'd just profess my love for my Samsung Galaxy S2. I've had it for a few months but it is probably the best phone I have owned. I know this is not a new phone but I don't think it gets enough recognition forever in the shadow of the  I Phone & Blackberry (ugh!). Its super fast, has a massive screen which I think is perfect and a fair bit of memory (16GB I believe), Nice camera (8MP). It has that a "back button" (Why would a phone not have one????) and there's lots of cool little things like being able to connect phone to laptop/computer wirelessly (Kies air)it can do & probably a load of stuff I haven't even worked out. It uses Android market which doesn't have some apps that the Apple store has...but they're very quick to release things on Android and I always find when they do the apps are alot more functional than those from the Apple store (not Apple bashing).The only downside is the battery but this is the same with all smart phones So, to conclude I am just showing some love for my Troll Phone (Forever alone)

Thanks for indulging me:)

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