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Monday, 20 February 2012

March Glossy Box

I know the web will be full of these but as they vary thought I'd put mine out there. I do love this box but wish then would scale down the (unescessary) packaging and used the money for better products. Mini rant out of the way..

I got:

Duwop Venom Lipgloss

Full size £16.00

Dr Bronner  Magic Liquid Soap

Full size £1.99

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny relaxing balm

Full size £15.25

BM Beauty

Pure mineral eyeshadow in platinum tiara

Full size £7.00

Como Shambala  invigorate body lotion

Full Size £20.00

I haven't tried these out yet as the box has literally arrived on my desk. Will take the time to try these out and let you know what I think. With the exception of Duwop and Paul Mitchell I'm not familiar with the other brands. I would have preferred something else instead of the eyeshadow as I'm not too into eyeshadows, especially dark ones but maybe this will turn me? Am glad to see no fragrance as I could just go to any counter and get these so its a bit of a kick in the teeth plus I find fragrance to be a very personal think. People are much more loyal to fragrances then they are to make up etc..

Also GB have included a little card about a mystery box. Have been asked to check from 24th February....????

On a side note am trying a blogging app on my phone so this is a bit of trial and error.  Its taken forever so forgive me if it looks terrible!!

Do you subscribe to GB ? What did you get?

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