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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cath Kidston bag

I spent the weekend away at Centre Parcs which was really a blast from the past. I haven't been there since 1999 and admit its changed a little bit but has mainly remained the same. I do not remember biking being that tough! So unfit! If anyone is interested in know anymore about CP feel free to message me.

Anyway whilst I was there I came across this little beauty in their home store. I love floral prints and in paticular Cath Kidston pieces.

Excuse the clashing prints I didn't have time to set anything up. Room is a mess yada yada yada.

This bag cost me the bargain price of £28. There are a few other styles online link

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Free Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish via Red Magazine (May Issue)

Image Credit
 Image credit

I recieved this info courtesy of this lovely lady Fee's blog (Makeup Savvy) link

I have always heard rave reviews of Liz Earle but have never taken the plunge. I for one will definetly be giving this a go.

The lowdown:
Free 30ml Cleanse & Polish Hot cloth cleanser
Full size muslin cloth

Red magazine in £3.90. Not really a magazine I give much thought to but may in the future. I am looking forward to summer mag freebies this year, have had some great ones in the past!

Red magazine link 

Will you be trying this?

I thought I'd do a quick post a site I rely on heavily apart from blogs for my make up info. Its American (big surprise) but very useful. Make up alley is an online community dedicated to beauty products.

"MakeupAlley was launched in 1999 as a small community of beauty consumers. Since then it has grown into one of the largest beauty social networks and information portals on the web. On MakeupAlley you can connect with thousands of other consumers through our message boards, user generated product reviews, MUA mail and other interactive tools" - Makeup Alley credit

I have been using this site since 2007...I may have been using it before but think this is when I signed up. This is an online community dedicated to beauty products & (I think) invaluable for reviews, there's was a point when I would not buy a thing without checking reviews on there. Now a days I am a little more free wheelin' with my purchases but still use this alot.

The main focus of this site is the product reviews. You can pretty much find most products on here. Products are given up to a five lipstick (as opposed to star) rating. Reviewers are asked to assess the following on a scale of 1 - 5 (1= worst, 5 = best)
Overall Rating

Reviewers are then asked if they would repurchase the product and are invited to give their own comments on usage, explain marks etc. When you sign up you are asked you're age (which is displayed - for example 44-55), skin which consists of type i.e normal, oily, dry, tone  i.e fair,light,medium, dark and hair type.

The site also has a variety of message boards dedicated to make up, nails, skincare, haircare etc. Members are pretty helpful and swift with replies. You get the odd snob but that's to be expected.

There is a swap section in which you a variety of items such as make up, skincare, haircare etc. I remember doing this in the past and it was quite successful useful if you want American products. There are a few of this swapping pages on Facebook aswell if you are looking for something closer to home.
You have to be a registered member to view reviews and to post reviews but it is worth it.

If you are looking for a specific product and aren't having much luck on the blogs then give this a go.

Do you use Makeup Alley?


Barry M nail varnish in 279 Bright Pink

MAC: Tour De Fabulous - Limited Edition

image credit

Another day, another MAC limited edition. I wasn't too thrilled about the most recent ones but when this little beaut popped into my email inbox I was already cancelling direct debits. A Tour de Fabulous is a selection of 11 tinted lip glasses with 8 co-ordinating lip pencils. 
Tinted Lip glass Shades are as follows – £13.50
  • Casual Air (Frosted pale pink)
  • Check this out (Coral with transforming pink pearl)
  • It’s a wow (Mid tone blue pink – rose pink)
  • Comfort & Joy(Mid tone frosted mauve)
  • Rich & Witty (Neutral dirty pinked beige)
  • Famously Fab (Purple lavender – slightly pearled)
  • Tour de Fabulous (Clean bright yellow pink with pearl)
  • Style packed)(Bright vivid fuchsia)
  • Knockout (Red with pearl)
  • Rich Bounty (Deep red brown with pearl)
  • Real Posh (Deep berry slightly pearled)

    image credit

Lip glass swatches c/o Karla Sugar link  Check this lady out she must go through packs of make up wipes!!!

Lip pencil shades – £10.50
  • What comes naturally (Pale peachy beige)
  • Hip n Happy (Dirty Blue Pink)
  • Have to have it (Soft warm beige) – Sold out on line
  • Just wonderful (Dirty Mauve)
  • Entertain me (Clearly orange)
  • Lasting Sensation (Bright coral)
  • Embrace me (Vivid pinkish Fuchsia)
  • Just my type (Intense warm brown)
    Not in order image credit

 Lip pencil swatches c/o Karla Sugar link

I have my eye on:
  • Check this out
  • It’s a wow
  • Rich & Witty
  • Hip n Happy
  • What comes naturally
= £61.50 for the lot eek!!! (Don’t be scared purse…I think we have a birthday coming up innnnnnn June I can justify this because I am going to be old I need all my comforts..yes…)

You know what to do….Mac link

Available now
p.s: Some shades are sold out on line but you should be able to purchase in store.

Will you be buying anything from this collection?

Get in my wardrobe (1)

C/O Own the runway link

Animal print shift dress
This a dupe for this dress worn by Sarah (a million dresses) link 
 I've been dying to get something like this so will be purchasing this!!!!
Turquoise chain print dress
Tribal Print Colour Block Dress
Monochrome Peter Pan Collar Lace Dress
Abstract Stripe Pleat Dress 
Tribal Print bag
Multi Bead Tribal Necklace In Black (other colours available)
American Flag Lace Up Ankle Boot 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Over the winter I had been suffering from very dry lips. Probably a mixture of central heating, freezing cold weather & being dehydrated. Lip balms alone were not cutting it so whilst picking up my Christmas fix of LUSH Angels Delight (I can't tell you how much I adore this) and Snowflake (Love!) I picked up this lip scrub at the till. Purchases by the till are how I seem to acquire most of my stuff (I'm looking at you Primark).

There were a number of flavours (?) to choose from & I went with the Vanilla & Chocolate. Packaging is a glass jar with a black lid. Standard LUSH. Ordinarily I don't like jars as I find them to be unhygienic but its pretty unlikely I be doing a lip scrub in public anytime soon as I just look hideous doing it, especially when licking all of the sugar off of my face. Hot mess. The scrub itself is...well sugar, castor sugar in fact with a mixture of oils. The majority of it being jojoba, some vanilla extract, cocoa absolute and Tagetes Oil (Yeah I had no clue what that was either apparently it is used to flavour thinks like cola, tobacco & alcohol - oh hi! link). In terms of making my lips soft it definitely delivers. I just take a small amount, work it into dry lips and then lick it all off. 5 min job. I would do a quick once over with a towel for any rogue grains. I finish with Elizabeth Arden lip protectant but I'm confident any balm of your choice would work. A little goes a long way here so this will definitely last a long time.

The scrub is very moisturising & non greasy it also makes a great base for lipsticks.

This is definitely replacing my toothbrush lip torture.

You can buy this from LUSH  link £4.95 for 25g - can I just say bargain!

Other flavours Bubblegum, Mint Julip (Mint & Chocolate) - all scrubs are Vegan friendly & contain natural ingredients.

Do you use lips scrubs? What do you think of them?

*bought by me

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MAC Strobe Cream

I purchased this when when I felt I needed a change from my Benefit High Beam & Moon Beam. I wanted something that gave a more natural look. This works very well.Packaging is typical MAC, not too showy the bottle is squeezy which is great for hygiene but a little too much can come out at times especially when the bottle is nearly used up.This could be mixed with moisturiser or foundation. I would not suggest applying this alone unless you like the Twilight look. When worked it creates an iridescent finish which helps brighten up the skin.In terms of application I apply this with a foundation brush but have used my fingers and a stippling brush and find I get the same results. The cream can also be applied to certain areas of the face i.e brow bone, nose, cupids bow & cheeks. You could probably mix this with your body moisturiser. This works fine under foundation, there is no annoying pilling you get with some products and I haven't broken out as yet.

If you want the brightening effect but want a more lightweight product then would probably opt for the strobe liquid £21.50 for 50ml.

Strobe cream can be purchased from MAC for £12.00 for 30ml

Monday, 9 April 2012

New in @ New Look

Here are a few pieces I've picked out from New Looks summer range. Unless you've been living under a rock you can see that NL is ticking most trends with Florals & Pastels being the dominating two. Enjoy!

1.White Floral Print Dip Hem Dress £29.99 here

2. Floral Frill Play suit £16.99 here

3. Vindictive Black Over sized Shirt £22.99 (Available in 2 colours) here

4. Pink Floral Sleeveless Top £19.99 here

5. Blue Floral Keyhole Back Shirt
£16.99  (Available in 2 colours) here

6. Mint Green Tulip Back T-Shirt £4.99 (Available in 6 colours) here

7. 32in Green Skinny Jeans £16.99 (Available in 7 colours) here

8. Paisley Sleeveless Zip Back Dress £24.99 here