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Sunday, 15 April 2012

MAC: Tour De Fabulous - Limited Edition

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Another day, another MAC limited edition. I wasn't too thrilled about the most recent ones but when this little beaut popped into my email inbox I was already cancelling direct debits. A Tour de Fabulous is a selection of 11 tinted lip glasses with 8 co-ordinating lip pencils. 
Tinted Lip glass Shades are as follows – £13.50
  • Casual Air (Frosted pale pink)
  • Check this out (Coral with transforming pink pearl)
  • It’s a wow (Mid tone blue pink – rose pink)
  • Comfort & Joy(Mid tone frosted mauve)
  • Rich & Witty (Neutral dirty pinked beige)
  • Famously Fab (Purple lavender – slightly pearled)
  • Tour de Fabulous (Clean bright yellow pink with pearl)
  • Style packed)(Bright vivid fuchsia)
  • Knockout (Red with pearl)
  • Rich Bounty (Deep red brown with pearl)
  • Real Posh (Deep berry slightly pearled)

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Lip glass swatches c/o Karla Sugar link  Check this lady out she must go through packs of make up wipes!!!

Lip pencil shades – £10.50
  • What comes naturally (Pale peachy beige)
  • Hip n Happy (Dirty Blue Pink)
  • Have to have it (Soft warm beige) – Sold out on line
  • Just wonderful (Dirty Mauve)
  • Entertain me (Clearly orange)
  • Lasting Sensation (Bright coral)
  • Embrace me (Vivid pinkish Fuchsia)
  • Just my type (Intense warm brown)
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 Lip pencil swatches c/o Karla Sugar link

I have my eye on:
  • Check this out
  • It’s a wow
  • Rich & Witty
  • Hip n Happy
  • What comes naturally
= £61.50 for the lot eek!!! (Don’t be scared purse…I think we have a birthday coming up innnnnnn June I can justify this because I am going to be old I need all my comforts..yes…)

You know what to do….Mac link

Available now
p.s: Some shades are sold out on line but you should be able to purchase in store.

Will you be buying anything from this collection?

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