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Sunday, 15 April 2012

I thought I'd do a quick post a site I rely on heavily apart from blogs for my make up info. Its American (big surprise) but very useful. Make up alley is an online community dedicated to beauty products.

"MakeupAlley was launched in 1999 as a small community of beauty consumers. Since then it has grown into one of the largest beauty social networks and information portals on the web. On MakeupAlley you can connect with thousands of other consumers through our message boards, user generated product reviews, MUA mail and other interactive tools" - Makeup Alley credit

I have been using this site since 2007...I may have been using it before but think this is when I signed up. This is an online community dedicated to beauty products & (I think) invaluable for reviews, there's was a point when I would not buy a thing without checking reviews on there. Now a days I am a little more free wheelin' with my purchases but still use this alot.

The main focus of this site is the product reviews. You can pretty much find most products on here. Products are given up to a five lipstick (as opposed to star) rating. Reviewers are asked to assess the following on a scale of 1 - 5 (1= worst, 5 = best)
Overall Rating

Reviewers are then asked if they would repurchase the product and are invited to give their own comments on usage, explain marks etc. When you sign up you are asked you're age (which is displayed - for example 44-55), skin which consists of type i.e normal, oily, dry, tone  i.e fair,light,medium, dark and hair type.

The site also has a variety of message boards dedicated to make up, nails, skincare, haircare etc. Members are pretty helpful and swift with replies. You get the odd snob but that's to be expected.

There is a swap section in which you a variety of items such as make up, skincare, haircare etc. I remember doing this in the past and it was quite successful useful if you want American products. There are a few of this swapping pages on Facebook aswell if you are looking for something closer to home.
You have to be a registered member to view reviews and to post reviews but it is worth it.

If you are looking for a specific product and aren't having much luck on the blogs then give this a go.

Do you use Makeup Alley?

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