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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MAC Strobe Cream

I purchased this when when I felt I needed a change from my Benefit High Beam & Moon Beam. I wanted something that gave a more natural look. This works very well.Packaging is typical MAC, not too showy the bottle is squeezy which is great for hygiene but a little too much can come out at times especially when the bottle is nearly used up.This could be mixed with moisturiser or foundation. I would not suggest applying this alone unless you like the Twilight look. When worked it creates an iridescent finish which helps brighten up the skin.In terms of application I apply this with a foundation brush but have used my fingers and a stippling brush and find I get the same results. The cream can also be applied to certain areas of the face i.e brow bone, nose, cupids bow & cheeks. You could probably mix this with your body moisturiser. This works fine under foundation, there is no annoying pilling you get with some products and I haven't broken out as yet.

If you want the brightening effect but want a more lightweight product then would probably opt for the strobe liquid £21.50 for 50ml.

Strobe cream can be purchased from MAC for £12.00 for 30ml

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