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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Effaclar K & Duo

Happy Valentines! What better way to celebrate a day dedicated to Love than to listen to a singleton harp on about one of the loves of her life??????

The La Roche Posay  Effaclar range hype (Duo in paticular) is a perfect example of the power of blogging as it seems to be suddenly garnering a hell of a lot of attention. I can't say I am surprised as I am a fan. I have been using both the Duo and K for about 10 months and am pleasantly impressed by the results. I hadn't used this brand before or heard anything them and  just assumed that being French they'd work. This was on the basis that French people know their skincare and cheeses - who doesn't like Brie?.  I typically suffer from clogged pores, which are those spots with no head (tmi I know). I tend to get these on my chin and along my forehead. To be fair they tend to appear when I use a Mac foundation or am a bit careless with my skincare regime. As they say prevention is better than cure and this combination really keep those blighters at bay.

Duo: This is supposed to "reduce the apperance of imperfections. Unclogs sebum blocked pores".This has a gel like texture. I tend to apply this in the morning, on a clean face. I usually apply this on the areas I am most prone to bad skin. As I have probably mentioned I have VERY dry skin but this has not dried it out anymore. Its very typical with spot creams to experience flaking but I haven't experienced this. I have worn this under make up and haven't experience any pilling or adverse affects on my make up.

K: This is supposed to renew the skin cells. I love anythig that claims to renew skin cells so this was a winner for me from the start. I use this at night, after cleansing. Packaging on this is pretty dodgy, product oozes out without you touching it!

A word of warning, if you have sensitive skin or any kind of cuts, broken skin etc and a low pain threshold I would probably not advise you use these. There have been a few occasions where I didn't even know I had any kind of irritation to my skin, applied this and it hurt like a mutha! I am also one of those people who likes skincare to tingle or else I don't feel like its working. A bit sado-machistoc there but ho hum.

These are two great products, so in this case believe the hype! I purchased these from Boots

Have you used anything from the Effaclar range?

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