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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nude of the day........

Today's nail of the day is bought to you by L.A Colors (I just want to correct it to colours!!)
Sorry about the cuticles!!

Shade: French Nail Creme (NP356)

A very nice nude, very flattering. What you are seeing is the result of 4 shades but I think 2-3 is sufficient I just liked applying this so much. For those of you that aren't familiar with this brand it is simply amazing. Polishes are 99p(!) there is a MASSIVE variety of colors!!!

I've always bought mine at PAKS or afro-Caribbean hair shops but I have seen these in the Westfield in Stratford in a shop called Beauty Bay which is on the Lower Ground floor near Starbucks, Deichman etc (Impressive or plain sad?)

They also do make up, which I haven't tried yet but will eventually get around to...

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried L.A Colors

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