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Sunday, 17 June 2012

My favourite Nude (1)

Nope not that kind of nude I'm afraid...

I'm a create of habit when it comes to lip colours. I tend to go for Nudes and pinks. Occasionally I branch out to a red, coral or a plum eek!!! I find that Nudes & pinks suit my skintone the best. Whilst I was going through and swatched I realsied I had two groups of nudes, Brown tone and pink toned so I decided to split my nudes post into two. This post is about the brown toned nudes.

Honey Love

This has been my go to for a while now. I love this shade. On my lips its looks so natural. The only thing I dislike is that it is matte but I just chuck a bit of lip balm over this and I'm good to go.


Another nice shade. Bit more of a 60's lipstick, looks good with a smoky eye. Doesn't really need any balm over it and wears well.

A nice neutral shade. Goes on well. As its a glaze it looks quite shiny on its own.

Nude Delight

A good everyday nude. Quite moisturising and lasts a good while. This is the perfect my lips but better colour.I find this similar to Honey Love, just more moisturising. Has a bit of a plastic smell but doesn't last for long.

I have blogged about this before link. This is a great nude, good finish. This has a bit more of an orange tone to it but is a firm favourite.

Bare minimum

I tend to use this with all of my nudes as its only slightly tinted so doesnt alter the colour too much and isn't too greasy feeling on the lips. I hate that it is in a pot but just tend to use a cotton bud or a lip brush.

Prices and stockists/links are as follows:

MAC lipsticks retail at £13.50 and can be purchased from MAC
Sleek True colour lipsticks retail at £4.00 and can be purchased instore from Superdrug & online from sleek.
Sleek Pout polish retails at £4.30 and can be purchased instore from  Superdrug, & online from Sleek.
Rimmel moisture renew retails at  £6.29 and can be purchased instore Superdrug & Boots

Well thats part 1 over look out for part 2...

What's your favourite nude?


  1. Honey Love and Hue look great! I don't own any nudes - I tend to focus on pinks! Xo

  2. I still don't own any MAC lipsticks, may need to invest when payday arrives!

    Lola ..x

  3. I have that sleek pot and I love it! My lips are too dark for my skintone which can look weird but I don't like using really opaque pale lipsticks all the time because it can look trashy so it's perfect.
    I like your blog :)

  4. @Eilidh both colours are so much better in reality. I used to focus on pinks myself. You should try nudes, there are a number of pink nudes. Will be doing a post on these very soon.
    @Hannah THanks Hannah :) I know what you mean some colours can just look so off. Bare Minimum is perfect especially with nudes which need a little bit of a sheen, unless you're going for the Adams Family look lol

    @Lola you need to!!!! I don't think you will regret it. Nars also do some great colours.


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