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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

I have used Paul Mitchell products in the past so was already familiar with the range. I was introduced to the range by my hairdresser. I love ranges that are designed to be used by all hair types and ethnicity's. I had seen the full size super skinny relaxing balm but was dubious as to how well it would work so was very happy to see it in my March Glossybox. My thoughts? This stuff is gooooood!!!!

The low down (according to PM)
Smoothes and controls hair.
Helps hair dry faster, fights frizz and delivers incredible memory.
Leaves even the most rebellious locks shiny and manageable.
  • Our exclusive Super Skinny® Complex displaces water and constricts hair to speed up drying and styling.
  • Wheat and vegetable proteins combined with conditioning ingredients moisturise hair from within.
  • A unique, humidity-resistant ingredient provides memory that lasts in any weather.
The Balm


 I straightened my hair as normal and then applied a penny sized amount as I have quite a bit of hair. It was..well...smooth there was no stickiness that you typically get with these sorts of products. It tamed my hair and even added a hint of a shine - not enough to make it look unnatural. It comes with a pump  which is great as you can control the amount you use. A little goes a long way so even this trial size is likely to last me for a while.

The texture is clear, slightly watery. I want to say it has the typical PM smell (terrible with smells) basically its not offensive or noticeable once you've used it. 

I normally shy away from products such as these because I hate the mess but this was mess free and didn't really add any extra time or effort onto my styling time. I'll definitely buy the full size version once this finishes. The recommended retail price for this is £16.75. I do think this is a bit on pricey side but would be willingly to pay this as I do think this works. Thank God for the interwebz and a bit of price comparison. To wrap it up if you have frizzy, fly away hair cop this & your hair will thank you!

You can .purchase this from the following places
RRP: £16.75 (150ml)
Supercuts ( I am not sure of how much they're selling it for - am guessing RRP. Tend to get my PM from here)

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