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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beauty Flash (Dermalogica)

Dermalogica is my go to for skincare, though I am known to dabble with other brands. Whilst I do find Dermalogica products to work very well I find them to be quite pricey at times. I have managed to find a site that stocks the range for what I believe to be good prices. I sometimes find that another site may do one product £1 cheaper but all the other products on that site will be so expensive.

I always trawl Ebay as you get some one off deals but thats exactly what they offs. The site I use is Beauty flash. They seem to every everything in a variety of sizes. Delivery is fast and they offer gift vouchers. For those delivery savy of you they use Royal Mail & DPD they also send you free samples which you can choose when you are in check out mode.

I am not being sponsered to post this, I have recommended thos to all my friends that use Dermalogica so am sharing the love with you guys

Whilst I am on the subject & incase any of you were wondering I use the following Dermalogica products on my skin (Combination - Dry w/oily t-zone, prone to blackheads & blocked pores)

  • Special Cleansing Gel
  • Active Moist
  • Multi active toner
  • Skin hydrating booster
  • Skin hydrating masque
  • Skin refining masque

I will blog about these very soon.

I have my eye on a few other things but am having a frugal March so am not allowed to buy any products (sob sob) 4 days in and already have a list of stuff I want as long as my arm :(

Have you used Beauty Flash? Have you used Dermalogica?

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