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Thursday, 22 March 2012

My first proper beauty buy

I've trying to think where my obsession started and I would have to thank my mum not because she had an interest in make up or mum has had the same beauty regime for as long as I can remember simple facewash and moisturiser followed by black kohl. We did have one beauty day out where I convinced her to get a MAC foundation and some YSL products but her regime never really took off and with the exception of the foundation (too dark) I became the beneficiary of her first and last beauty haul. I remember my mum would religiously buy cosmo and Marie Claire (for the articles! What am I adopted?) which I would then devour and make into my own magazines or collages..they sure loved to waste make up in those shoots loads of smashed up eyeshadow and crushed lipsticks (the idea!). I couldn't wait until I could get my own make up which at the time was whatever freebies cane with Mizz, Shout! J17 or Go Girl or my Barbies lots of blue eyeshadow and frosty pink lipsticks..not exactly groundbreaking.

My first product was was a 13th birthday present and was L'oreal Le Grand Curl mascara. I was delighted and whilst this is now discontinued and I really can't remember if it was any good I like that after 13 years my HG mascara is also by L'oreal (Telescopic). On a side note I also got my first fragrance which was CKone I have since discovered that I prefer floral & fruity scents but I did get a CKShock for my 25th birthday which bought back memories.

What was your first beauty product?

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