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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fragrance free Elizabeth Arden

Just a quick one. 

I love this product and whilst popping into my local Boots (not buying as still on March make up ban) merely just oogling the forbidden fruit. I came across fragrance free Elizabeth Arden. Eh? Now this stuff is pretty strong smelling - a sort of menthol smell that takes some getting used to. I can't understand after all this time? Maybe I'm missing a trick??
For those of you unfamiliar with this product it is a multi purpose balm. This stuff is amazing. I use it on lips (just melts into dry lips, perfect after LUSH lip scrub), dry patches - especially nose, any cuts or grazes...probably loads more uses but those are my main ones.
Maybe its just me but if it ain't broke don't fix it....

Fragrance Free Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant (50ml) is available at Boots for £25.00 (really!!!!!)

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