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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Instagram #1

I am addicted to Instagram. I was literally chomping at the bit waiting for it to come to Android. I couldn't have been happier.I much prefer this to twitter as I would rather look at pictures. I also find Instagram has less z list celeb conflicts.

So this is my first Instagram post. I haven't figured out a template or anything so here goes

1. Essie van d'go 2. Sunday dinner 3. NOTD 4. Mc D's brekkie 5.fruit salad 6. Neon satchel 7. Chubby stick 8. Coconut water 9. Yankee candle

Enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend x

Do you use Instagram? What do you think of my 1st post?


  1. I only just discovered it! Am completely addicted!! (To be honest, the fact the filters on it literally make any picture flattering is a big plus :P)

    Love the pictures! Just followed you :)


  2. Same here!! I love it!!

    Thanks for following. JUst realised we are name twins ha!!


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