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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Seche Vite

Nails....I have so many nail varnishes and so many that I have yet to use! One of the things that puts me off of painting my nails regularly is the drying time. Most brands are different, some better than others.The main offender in my collection is Barry M. Like most people I have indulged in their deals and have accrued so many different colours. I find that it can take up to an hour for this varnish to be touch dry. I spent ages looking up top coats and the top choice seemed to be Seche Vite. I immediately hit Ebay and ordered some along with some restorer which I will talk about later.

SVTC - Excuse the painted hand! One of my failed drying attempts!!!
This stuff is a godsend. Admittedly it took a little while for me to get it to work for me.  It comes in a 14ml bottle which when taking the application into consideration should last a long time. It looks like most top coats and doesn't smell any different to most nail varnishes. I find it gives a glossy finish. It works by penetrating all the layers of the varnish. I can vouch for this, on one of my first goes I could see it separating the varnish!

Here's how I get SV to work for me:
1.Paint two coats of my chosen varnish
2. Leave varnish to dry for 2 mins (or varnish tends to get on SV brush)
3.Drop a dot of SV into middle of nail and then then quickly cover nail (avoid cuticle & paint underside of nail to seal top coat)
4. Wait for 5 mins, after which nails should be touch dry

I have tried this a few times, with a few brands and it definitely works. The downsides apparently are that SVTC can, after a few uses become gloopy. I purchased the restorer (a nail varnish thinner). The thinner is 14ml and comes with a handy little glass dropper. Again not offensive smell.I have yet to use it on the SVTC but have used it on some neglected varnishes and it worked as normal. Of course you get the same effect with Nail varnish remover but not to sure if that works on SVTC.
SV Restorer
All in all I would recommend this especially if you paint your nails quite frequently, especially before a night out as its sods law as soon as you've painted them you'll need to scratch your hair or retrieve something from your bag..even texting is detrimental. One reviewer who says she has been using SV for years suggested closing TC quickly after use and then turning the bottle upside down quickly, so as to create an air bubble which will prolong it's life. Not sure if this works but have been doing it, can't hurt..

I paid roughly £6 for the TC and £7 for the restorer. Both were purchased on Ebay. 

Have you tried Seche Vite? What did you think?

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